A Little About Jean-Louis

- Enjoys listening to Jazz
- Aspiring Professional Arm-Wrestler
- Wanted to be a racecar driver when he was a kid

About Jean-Louis

Hello ladies, my name is Jean Louis and I have been with Hunkomania for over 8 years ? first as a dancer and later as the choreographer. Prior to joining Hunkomania I spent 10 years touring Europe with various male revue shows where I honed my skills as a performer. I was always interested in performing on stage as a young child. During my early school years I was always active in school plays and talent shows. It wasn?t until my early twenties that I made the transition into the male revue industry. Two of my favorite performers are Michael Jackson and Madonna ? their stage presence and incredible performances have always amazed me. I try to emulate their qualities on-stage every time I perform. I hope to see you ladies soon at Hunkomania!

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