Magic Mike renews interest to stripper stage

It's true that a lot of the exotic male dancing shows have seen a decline in attendance in recent years, according to Armand Peri, manager of Hunkamania in Manhattan for 14 years. But he said his shows haven't; in fact, he sells out his 300 seats at most performances. Peri, 46, has 40 dancers in New York City, and he also runs shows in Atlantic City and Chicago.

He said there are some cheesy companies that turn a blind eye to the dancers' recreational drug use, but the real professionals would never put up with that.

"What's seen in Magic Mike is not entirely accurate. If I know a guy is doing drugs, he's out of the show."

There is occasional steroid use, though, said Anthony Catanzaro, 41, a dancer for more than 20 years.

"You might find some guys who want to bulk up more. But that's true of a lot of people in the fitness industry," said Catanzaro, who dances in the Manhattan Hunkamania show.

In any case, Magic Mike has more people talking about the industry, and promoters of male strip shows are hoping the movie will leave them curious enough to research the real thing.

And they might just get their wish.

It seems there's a Magic Mike sequel in the works.

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